The Journal

18th August 2014

Bike Shed Review

The Bike Shed has written a review on our Para Haversack, which is a bag based on a classic WW2 paratroop design. The product was trialled and tested for 5 months by Gareth in order to fully assess its performance.

In terms of size and capacity, there is much to be surprised about. Gareth stated that it has ‘considerable capacity for a bag of its size…’ leaving you room for biking gear, or heavy outdoor wear, laptop and general adventurous equipment.

It is great to read such a positive review, he continues to explain the efficiency of the design and its performance in the rain. Due to the fact that the bag spent most of its time strapped to a roaring motorbike, hurdling at great speeds in the rain, it has out preformed average expectations.

See this link for a full and more in-depth review by Gareth at the Bike Shed. See here for the results: