The Journal

28th May 2014

Meet the Makers – Doreen

Every Chapman bag is made at our factory in Carlisle. It takes skill, precision, concentration and teamwork. The people who work in the factory are at the core of our brand, so here is a profile of Doreen our Production Manager:


‘I used to work in a shoe factory, I started form the bottom and we were trained as managers, but I did everything from cutting prepping and clicking. I started at Chapman bags as a machinist but after 2 hours working on the machine Jo Chapman asked me to co-work with her. She ran the office side of things like paper work and despatch, so I was basically her assistant.’

How long have you been at Chapman

‘21 or 22 years now’

What do you like about working here

‘I like that there are all types of work, as there are always different styles of bags to work with, it’s the variation that I like about my job’

What are your hobbies/ what do you do with your spare time

‘I horse ride and have been horse riding all my life. I share 2 horses and a Shetland with my sister. They’re called Dusty, Alfie and Marcus’

What is the most interesting fact about you

‘Well I live in the most picturesque place- the Lake District. I also, many years ago now, used to sing. I loved Country Western and used to perform actually.’

If you were a bag what type of bag would you be and why

‘I would be luggage, some type of holdall because I love travelling!’