The Journal

28th May 2014

Meet the Makers – Kat

Every Chapman bag is made at our factory in Carlisle. It takes skill, precision, concentration and teamwork. The people who work in the factory are at the core of our brand, so here is a profile of Kat our Production Assistant who works in quality control:


‘I went to the University of Cumbria and have a degree in Contemporary Applied Art. For my final collection I used recycled leather and silks. It’s the leather work that actually lead me to Chapman.’

How long have you been at Chapman

‘9 months’

What would you like to say about working here

‘It’s a really nice, informal atmosphere and it’s really a privilege to work with such great products and see the craftsmanship in them.’

What are your hobbies

‘I belly dance, life draw and also kickboxing and generally love the outdoors.’

What is an interesting fact about you

‘I have my own website because I make printed textiles and have made scarves and various other things, you should check it out at I’m also an avid blogger!’

If you were a bag what type of bag would you be

‘I would definitely be a Sten bag because they are function and practical. I kinda carry the kitchen sink round with me so a big bag is needed!’