The Journal

28th May 2014

Meet the Makers – Philip

Every Chapman bag is made at our factory in Carlisle. It takes skill, precision, concentration and teamwork. The people who work in the factory are at the core of our brand, so here is a profile of Philip our Cutter:


‘I started as an apprentice cutter as soon as I left school, so I’ve been doing this for a while but I left a few years ago to be a soldier. But now I’m back as a cutter’

How long have you been at Chapman

‘I have been here for a total of 25 years. I am an original employee as I worked with John Chapman himself, cutting patterns in his kitchen.’

What do you like about working here

‘The atmosphere is great. It’s a good place to work’

What are your hobbies/ what do you do with your spare time

‘Anything to do with aircraft and flying! I used to have a Gliders Pilots Licence. I’m really into flying or aircraft models. In fact I used to be a member 0f the North Yorkshire Gliding Club.’

What is the most interesting fact about you

‘I was the first person to go to Hungary on a Nato Movement Order, without a passport. This was obviously during my time as a soldier. I’ve been so many countries around the world and really enjoy travelling’

If you were a bag what type of bag would you be and why

‘Oh I’d be a duffle bag! It’s built to last, it’s not pretty but its functional.’