The Journal

28th May 2014

Meet the Makers – Vanessa

Every Chapman bag is made at our factory in Carlisle. It takes skill, precision, concentration and teamwork. The people who work in the factory are at the core of our brand, so here is a profile of Vanessa our Sample Machinist:


‘I graduated from Uni in 2012 with a 1st in Fashion Design from Leeds College of Art, but I previously went to Art College in Cumbria. I actually went to the same University as Kate and after bumping into her I decided to apply at Chapman Bags. I went over to the factory and Daniel Chamier, the CEO, happened to be there so I had an interview the same day and got the job!’

How long have you been at Chapman

‘About 4 months.’

What do you like about working here

‘It’s a really good atmosphere, it’s fast paced and it’s nice to be creative.’

What are your hobbies

‘I like going to the gym and I’ve been a synchronized swimmer for the past 12 years. I’ve swam for Manchester and won the finals, but with a full time job it’s hard to keep it up.’

What is an interesting fact about you

‘Well I can do the splits! And my nickname was the Lochness Monsters which comes from ness- as in Vanessa.’

If you were a bag which bag would you be and why

‘I would be a getaway bag because I love holidays and I’m going to Mexico and Greece next year!’