The Journal

4th March 2016

Harris Tweed: From the Land

The Harris Tweed Authority, Alison O’Neill (aka The Shepherdess) and Lancastrian landscape photographer Ian Lawson have collaborated to create a truly extraordinary fine art exhibition at The Rheged Centre in Cumbria. This is a must see event for anyone interested in landscape art and artisanal craft, not to mention fine looking bags!

Ian has spent many years immersed in the places and cultures he depicts in order to tell his story through exquisite photo documentaries and thought provoking books. The exhibition walls are filled with large format breath taking prints of traditional Hebridean crofting communities, habitats and tweed making.

Alison’s Hebridean brand Saorsa captures the spirit, soul and resilience of beautiful and remote islands through considered Harris Tweed creations, hand crafted by John Chapman from natural materials. They can be seen exhibited amongst the cherished artefacts which have been loaned from traditional crofting communities.

This is a unique and astonishing exhibition, whose quality and authenticity is unlike anything we have seen before. The phrase “must see” is overused, but not in this case!

Shepherdess bags and clothing can be viewed and purchased at