The Journal

29th October 2014

A logo in the making

Here we have our logo ovals in the making, which you can see on almost every Chapman Bag.

They have been clicked out of leather using our clicking machine by Robert in our leather workshop, embossed with our logo by Kate, stained on the edges by Natalie and now awaiting the brass rivets to be put on by Carol for the finish touches. See the pictures below showing the equipment used for each stage.

                  IMG_6462    IMG_6464   IMG_6463

Photo 1 is of our clicking machine. Quite a large machine for cutting out our little logos, but this machine can cut out multiple shapes and sizes at any one time using a hand operation.

Photo 2 is how we stain our leather. This is where Natalie delicately stains the raw sides of the leather for a painted edge.

Photo 3 is our riveting machine which puts two brass rivets onto our logo, adding a beautiful touch.

After all these processes here is a what the final logo looks like:

                                                  IMG_6467   IMG_6466

Check out our Craftsmanship page if you would like to know more about how we make our products.