The Journal
3rd September 2015

Chapman Brand Ambassador Marina Gibson

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Chapman Brand Ambassador – Meet Marina Gibson.

You may picture a typical fly fisherman as a rather ancient chap in tweeds creeping about river banks with lots of antique gear and dusty old books on how to tie obscure flies; in other words JR Hartley, for those who remember the Yellow Pages TV adverts. Let us therefore introduce you to Marina Gibson; JR Hartley she is not!

We came across Marina modelling for one of our favourite brands, Indigo & Ivy. Not only did she look totally stunning in their lovely tweed outfits, accessorised of course with Chapman Bags, she is a proper, dyed in the wool, hook, line and sinker (OK not the last one) flyfisherwoman who would prefer to do nothing more than flick a fly over a lovely stretch of burbling water and reel in some serious fish. Heaven indeed.

Marina’s family hail from the Highlands, where she first came to appreciate and love fly fishing with her mother, herself an expert sportswoman. Marina now divides her time between modelling, fishing and a day job (!). She spends her weekends travelling and exploring various fishing locations across the UK, Europe and further afield.

The pictures shown here are of Marina on a recent trip to Ireland, complete with Chapman accessories.

To discover more about Marina, including her most recent fishing adventures, give her a quick follow on her personal fishing blog or find her on Facebook!