The Journal

26th April 2014

The Perfect Time to Hike

As the days grow longer and warmer there has never been a better time to embrace a healthy habit and enjoy the Great British Countryside.

With hundreds of miles of public footpaths, beautiful national parks and gentle mountains, the British public are spoiled for choice when it comes to walking and hiking. From easy Sunday afternoon strolls to rope assisted mountain climbs, the UK offers something for the beginner and the seasoned hiker.

So whether you’re just starting out or it’s something you have always enjoyed, there is never a more beautiful time to start it up again than spring. In National Parks like the Lake District, where wildlife thrives, spring is the best time to enjoy and experience the British country.

Hiking equipment isn’t expensive or hard to come by, and is highly recommended for those who intend to embark on more strenuous hikes. Pick up a pair of walking boots in your local outdoor supply shop, a good sized water bottle and a rain coat.

You will also need a fleece, a strong and thick pair of socks and a few high energy bars for longer hikes. Remember to pack blister plasters, a cold compress and an electrolyte energy drink or tablet – in case of emergencies.

Rucksacks are perfect to carry everything you need and some lunch as well. The two straps will share the weight evenly across your shoulders and back. The bag itself will be out of your way and won’t restrict your walking.

Wherever you decide to hike, don’t forget to send us pictures of your Chapman Bag on its adventures to be considered in our competition. Visit our Facebook profile for competition dates and more information. Or, just send us an email.