The Journal

8th December 2014

A Quest in the North West 2.


Have you ever had an urge for adventure but put it on the back burner? Well stop everything because one Chapman employee has decided to get up and get on. Our mail order manager, Carolyn, has always wanted to climb the peaks of Cumbria. Living in Carlisle (where our factory is based) it seemed a fitting bucket list activity. So finally, with customer orders in her head, a Chapman Rucksack and a walking pole in hand, she starts her ascent. Stay tuned in to our new Quest in the North West series as we follow Caz- the Chapman Intrepid Explorer, as she combats every steep incline, battles against the northerly weather and embarks on her Cumbrian adventure with her Chapman Rucksack.

skid 2

Diary entry two: Skiddaw Summit

The day that I have been anxiously anticipating has arrived. On the drive over to Keswick I could see the peak that we were about to clamber up. Yes clamber, due to the fact that this was only my second attempt at climbing a mountain. We all had high hopes though, but I’m not sure whether this was due to my surge of caffeine from my morning coffee.

We started from a slow meander from Dash Falls to Skiddaw House, which is the highest bunkhouse in Britain. It was more of a rocky walk as we were talking it slow. We camped up for the night waiting for tomorrow’s true trek up to the summit.

So far my border rucksack felt comfortable and easy to wear, which was the envy of the other climbers, where were my business cards when I needed them? It neatly stowed away my flask of tea, sandwiches, hip flask, first aid kit (you can’t be too careful) and not forgetting to mention chocolate! One of the party decided that because I found the bag so comfortable it must have been made entirely for the female market, so I decided to prove him wrong. With a quick manoeuvre of the adjustable straps he quite quickly agreed it was the most comfortable rucksack he had carried.

The weather the next day was definitely against us, I just about managed to fight the wind. After what seemed a long walk with a number of obstacles and beautiful scenery, we finally got to the top! Here are a few of my pictures from my Skiddaw Summit adventure.

V__BEE9 V__916B V__6E9A DASH FALLS dash_falls_by_ron_shirtruck