The Journal
4th September 2017

Why Invest In a Classic British Bag?

Chapman Image

A recent article on the Independent website discussed how a Hermes Birkin bag is a better investment than gold or stocks. The article detailed how, over the past 35 years the Birkin bag has outperformed gold and stocks rising by 14.2 percent. The iconic bags do, however, cost as much as $200,000 and there is a 6-year waiting list to get a new one.

While you may not be looking to secure a fiscal return when buying a Chapman classic British made bag, the value and pleasure that you will get from it can be viewed as nothing less than a great investment – why?

Your Chapman Bag

Crafted from canvas, leather and tweed, Chapman bags deliver the very finest in British design and manufacture. We produce bags for both men and women and have several collections from which to choose.

The Rydal Collection, for example, is a collection of classic leisure bags for women, inspired by the home of William Wordsworth and crafted from leather and tweed. For men, the new British Rivers Collection typifies what the modern gentleman is looking for in a stylish work or leisure bag and are made from British canvas and leather.

Chapman Design

The essence of a great bag begins with great design and this is where the value of a Chapman bag is first conceived.

Inspired by classic British field sports, work and leisure bags, all Chapman designs are made from traditional patterns and without the aid of computers – there is nothing quite like the human touch.

Chapman Craftsmanship

Chapman bags are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen and women, using only the very best materials. English vegetable tanned leather, bonded cotton canvas and solid brass hardware are among the components that are fashioned to produce bags that are cut and, in many cases, stitched by hand.

These processes mean that each bag is unique and possesses a quality that will make it stand out from mass manufactured bags, no matter what the price tag. It also means that our bags are made to last, thus adding even more value.

Chapman Heritage

Chapman’s heritage lies in the manufacture of field sports bags for fishing and shooting. The nature of these activities demands that the bags used are utilitarian and are also able to cope with all that the elements can throw at them.

Produced in the same factory as when the company was founded in the 1980’s, the modern Chapman bag retains these qualities, but combines them effortlessly with stylish design to deliver something that has a holistic quality, something that is quite rare in times of fast fashion and globalisation.

With a Chapman bag, you get a little slice of undiluted British history and culture. This kind of value is something only a handful of brands can offer and as such, we feel, constitutes the very best type of investment.

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