The Journal
16th August 2017

Work, Rest and Play: Men’s Guide to Bags

chapman bag

Achieving a good balance between work, rest and play is essential if life is to be enjoyed to the full. The world of the modern gentleman is no longer a starched one, but rather one that is accented by individuality, confidence, adventure and a great British bag.

Let’s take a look at some ideas that may help to overhaul and enhance the way you go about the everyday and make it become more extraordinary.


Love it or loath it, work plays a major part in any gentleman’s life and those who embrace it are set to live for longer and be happier.  Therefore, it makes sense to adopt an approach that will maximise the potential for success and minimise stress.

Looking good and feeling good goes a long way when it comes to comfort and confidence at work. Choosing outfits that are appropriate for your particular work scenario, while at the same time allow you to express yourself will set you apart from the crowd and help you stay relaxed.

A gentleman “arrives at a meeting five minutes before the agreed time”. Feeling prepared is another great way to get ahead and choosing the right work bag will help you remain cool and calm.

Whether it’s our Bovey Laptop Bag made from British canvas, with room for a 13” laptop  or our classic Riever leather briefcase, crafted from full grain vegetable grain leather, the right bag says a lot about you and your approach to work.


Getting good rest, health professionals agree, is as important as diet and exercise. It enhances cognitive capacity, mood and helps prevent stress and illness.

Regular exercise is one of the best aids to good rest, so, heading down to the gym or off into the countryside for a good long walk is key to getting rejuvenation for mind, body and soul.

Outdoor pursuits are best, as not only will you get some exercise, but exposure to natural sunlight will top up your vitamin D reserves that assist with clear thinking and the avoidance of fatigue. The Chapman range of backpacks and rucksacks act as the perfect companion when taking to the great outdoors. The Helvellyn Rucksack, for example is waterproof, has a capacity of 25 litres and is tough enough to take all that the great British climate can throw at it.

Other aids to good rest include avoiding heavy meals, caffeine and excessive alcohol late into the evening and not using electronic devices for at least an hour before lights out.


It has been said that a gentleman “navigates an airport with ease” and what better way to play than to get away from it all?

Pack a travel bag and set a course for adventure in one of this year’s hot spots. For short or business trips the Chapman Pilot Bag will suit your needs perfectly, while for longer trips the Traveller 28 will fit the bill.

Whether it’s coastal Cambodia, the English Lake District, just been awarded World Heritage status, or by contrast skiing in St Anton, Austria, Chapman bags will help you arrive in style and make the most of your downtime.

Work, rest or play – a great British bag will pay dividends for life and so take a look at our range of men’s bags designed and made in Britain.