Brand Ambassadors

Above all, Chapman bags are authentic pieces of hand crafted British style. Our customers know that, when they invest in a Chapman bag, it represents values which high street or indeed many global brands find difficult if not impossible to match. Our brand ambassadors are people who we feel embody the values we aspire to: authenticity, Britishness, an appreciation of quality, friendship, a love of place and community and a sense of humour, to name a few. We hope you find our brand ambassadors as inspiring as we do.

  • Roger Clegg - Photographer

    Roger Clegg’s story is unique. Originally with a background in the Chemicals industry, Roger left the smoke behind him to settle in Hexham, a small town right in the middle of the Borders. He decided to pursue his then hobby photography as a career and is now the world’s leading photographer of Hadrian’s Wall (see our piece on the Borders for more information on this astonishing 2,000 year old monument).

    Roger is one of a select breed of photographers who specialise in recording the life of one particular subject. Hadrian’s Wall nevertheless affords Roger a rich and varied palette of landscape, light, structure and composition. From the majestic sweeping views along the crags of the central section of the Wall to the solid craftsmanship of Lanercost Priory and Carlisle Castle, the change of seasons brings each section of the Wall a new and different look.

    Roger’s day starts early, very early! Often he will be in position on the Wall before sunrise to capture the brief moment when the sun’s rays cast a special light on the Wall and its surrounding landscape. Even in high summer, when hikers from around the world walk the 70 odd miles of the Wall’s length, his only companions at that hour are the hardy Borders sheep. Then at sunset, long after the Wall has been deserted for the comforts of the local pub, Roger will be found in all seasons, sometimes deep in snowfall, capturing a spectacular sunset high on the crags.

    We have long admired Roger’s work and, after sharing a pint or two over the years, we were delighted to build a deeper relationship with him when we rebranded the Company recently. His iconic images now occupy a central place both on our website and in our factory. We were also able to develop a specialist camera bag with him designed specifically for his needs. This features a detachable waterproof groundsheet and pockets and dividers designed for his particular equipment.

    Roger’s work is available for sale online and is on permanent display at our factory reception. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

  • Marina Gibson - Model & Flyfisherwoman

    You may picture a typical fly fisherman as a rather ancient chap in tweeds creeping about river banks with lots of antique gear and dusty old books on how to tie obscure flies; in other words JR Hartley, for those who remember the Yellow Pages TV adverts. Let us therefore introduce you to Marina Gibson; JR Hartley she is not!

    We came across Marina modelling for one of our favourite brands, Indigo & Ivy. Not only did she look totally stunning in their lovely tweed outfits, accessorised of course with Chapman Bags, she is a proper, dyed in the wool, hook, line and sinker (OK not the last one) flyfisherwoman who would prefer to do nothing more than flick a fly over a lovely stretch of burbling water and reel in some serious fish. Heaven indeed.

    Marina’s family hail from the Highlands, where she first came to appreciate and love fly fishing with her mother, herself an expert sportswoman. Marina now divides her time between modelling, fishing and a day job (!). She spends her weekends travelling and exploring various fishing locations across the UK, Europe and further afield.

    To discover more about Marina, including her most recent fishing adventures and to keep up to date with her personal fishing blog, please follow the links provided below.

  • Ally Bremner - Professional Game Angling Instructor

    Ally is well know in the fly fishing world as one of the world’s leading casters and instructors. Often to be found fishing in the great rivers of the Borders, Ally is a perfect partner and brand ambassador for Chapman, with our origins in making fishing bags.

    Ally initially started upon the casting instructor journey soley to improve her own casting techniques however, being the perfectionist she is, Ally could not resist taking it to the highest level possible. Ally then went on to become the first lady to qualify as an APGAI two handed instructor with GAIA and the first lady in Europe to qualify as an International Federation of Fly Fishers (USA) Two Handed Certified Instructor.  Today Ally continues to both instruct and compete and is currently the Scottish Open Ladies Speycasting Champion (amongst an array of other championship titles!)

    To discover more about Ally and her area of fishing expertise, please visit:

    Or alternatively you can visit her facebook page here:

  • Tom Barber - Travellista

    Tom developed a severe case of wanderlust as a teenager and after years as a journalist and inveterate traveller he and two equally travel obsessed friends founded Original Travel in 2003. In the intervening years Tom has chalked up an enviable number of destinations around the world and the company has gone on to win a number of awards, including Best Tour Operator at the Guardian/Observer Travel Awards on multiple occasions. Tom is also travel writing again as Travel Editor for leading men’s magazine Esquire.

    More than two decades of visiting the world’s most intriguing and beautiful places (His favourites? Since you ask – Oman, Sri Lanka, Iran and Guatemala) has turned Tom into a serious luggage cognoscente (read: suitcase snob) and consequently a devotee of Chapman Bags. ‘I’m seriously honoured to be a brand ambassador,’ says Tom ‘because Chapman luggage stands the test of time, looks great – and greater with age – and is, of course, British-made, which is the icing on a rather delectable cake.’

    ‘I’m very particular about the bag I take on research trips and holidays because every destination requires something different – you can’t beat the Traveller as a ruggedly reliable bit of kit that will handle being bounced around in a 4×4 or squeezed into the hold of a light aircraft on a flying safari in Namibia when you can’t bring a hard sided bag . On the other hand, if you’re trekking through primary rainforest in Costa Rica – one of the most biodiverse places on the planet – to photograph the country’s amazing flora and fauna, you want a more compact bag like the Explorer 14 in olive green to blend into the jungle surroundings. Chapman even made me some padded inserts so I could carry my camera equipment safely.’

    As a born and bred Londoner with the fervour of the country convert, Tom now lives in the heart of partridge country in deepest darkest Norfolk, with a secret wild chalk stream full of lively brown trout at the end of the garden. ‘The perfect excuse to stock up on more Chapman Bags!’

    See Tom’s amazing Original Travel site at

  • Kevin Tickle - Michelin Starred Chef

    Kevin Tickle, Cumbria’s Michelin starred chef, has more in common with Chapman bags than you might imagine. Deep in the heart of the beautiful Lake District sits the Forest Side Hotel, Grasmere. Kevin took over the restaurant back in January ‘16 and it took him only 9 months to achieve his first Michelin star. Kevin prides himself in sourcing the finest local produce to cook in The Forest Side Restaurant.  He forages regularly in the forest picking wild flowers, plants and vegetables . Like a Chapman Bag, he selects the highest quality materials, and uses them to produce something quite special.  His 10 course taster menu showcases his talent, originality and love of what nature has to offer in Cumbria. Chapman worked with Kevin to develop a simple but effective foraging bag based on a heritage Chapman fishing bag design.


    Visit for more information on the hotel and restaurant.

  • Bryony Daniels aka The Huntress - Highland Lassie

    Bryony Daniels is a true Highland Lassie. While she manages to hold down some high powered work in town, she is happiest out in the Wilderness with her garrons. According to Bryony, they follow her like a camel train, keeping their noses down on the peat to smell out the bogs and crossing rivers with ease, the ultimate 4×4’s.  They can go for miles, although they are always happiest when they are heading home for supper! Here is Bryony with Isla, her lead pony, and one of 6 now working the land, on her way to Red Murdo’s Bothy!

    Bryony is active in a wide range of field sports including stalking, fishing and hunting. The wild pike in her Loch are fearsome beasts with shaggy manes, a bit like her garrons!

    Bryony uses a Chapman Explorer canvas bag and canvas gun slip. Between her travels around the world and Highland adventures, it’s great to know that we have a brand ambassador using our products exactly as they were intended.

    Click here to follow Bryony’s adventures!

  • Tim Campbell - Freelance Travel Writer

    Travelling is said to leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller. This statement rings true for our brand ambassador: Tim Campbell, Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer based in Southampton, England.

    Tim creates and lives the experiences that take your breath away. He explores the known and unknown to share the magic of single snap-shot moments, unique to the locations they are created in. Tim’s frequent travels to various destination around the world see him writing articles about his experiences for magazines, newspapers, and guides, and works closely with editors on consignments. Whether he’s discovering ancient Greece or uncovering the mysteries of Arabia, you’ll be sure to gain a glimpse of the wonderful places he visits through his work.

    Tim uses his Chapman canvas shoulder bag to keep his notebook and camera close at hand to be able to jot down his experiences and capture picture perfect moments. His Chapman bag is as enduring and resilient as he is and makes for the perfect travel companion.

    You can follow Tim on his adventures via his website .

  • Niels van Gijn - Photographer & Designer

    Growing up in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malaysia, Holland and the UK was always going to make Niels restless.

    After reading typography in the UK, and working for a series of design agencies, Niels and his girlfriend Emma left their lives in Marlborough to manage a camp in the startlingly wild Makgadikgadi Salt Pans of Botswana. An off-the-cuff remark from Em resulted in the now engaged couple driving almost 30,000km from Cape Town back to Marlborough at the end of their stint in the Kalahari; a trip that covered two continents, 23 countries, tinny music and supernoodles.

    Back in the UK in 2009, Niels and Em set about starting Silverless – a branding, design and photography agency, specializing in… (you guessed it) travel and lifestyle brands.

    The pair have since been joined by a creative bunch of developers, photographers and designers, and continue to spend their time dreaming up ways to get out on more adventures, now with their children Inigo and Oriel.

    “We spend a few months every year photographing and filming lodges and hotels, and over the years we have become more and more picky about what kit we travel with. The wonderful thing about our Chapman bags is that they survive the abuse they get in small planes and bumpy roads, aging gracefully with every knock they pick up. The fact that they feature in so many of our commercial room shots is no coincidence; adding style and life to luxury rooms.”

    You can follow Niels’ adventures on his Instagram account or their work on

  • David Rucker - Photographer & Adventurer

    David’s love of photography was initially forged on The Lakeland Fells on weekends and  holidays from his childhood home in Lancashire.  His quest was to live amongst these fells and his journey had taken him around the world living and working in five continents and visiting almost 100 countries.

    As an educator David has set up been involved in Duke of Edinburgh schemes from New Zealand to Saudi Arabia via one of his favourite islands, Borneo.  He adheres to the maxim of treading lightly with the only footprints left behind are those etched into one’s own consciousness.

    David prefers to seek out idyllic places and experience them at first hand rather than blog as this risks attracting the masses and ruining the intrinsic nature of that place for ever.  He’s been fortunate to have been involved in many adventures, be it a solo trans Icelandic expedition in 1994 (well before it became fashionable), swimming with Dolphins off the west coast of Ireland, or Desert treks in The Empty Quarter.

    Living on the edge is how David prefers things whether living on the edge of The Lakes, being held up at gun point in Libya, or moving house 7 times in 8 years, resilience and luck have always played their part in equal measure.

    David returned to the UK in 2016, setting up  where his growing reputation won him title of The 2017 Lake District Wedding Photographer of the Year Award.  His knowledge of the area is valued by many couples eager to capture stunning images set amongst The Lakeland fells.

    As someone who demands the highest standards, this extends to all my equipment where only the best is good enough.  I’m delighted to be a Band ambassador for Chapmans Bags.