• Hand Cutting

    Hand Cutting

    Like a bespoke suit, the material for each bag is hand cut on the premises and constructed using traditional methods.

  • Bunch of Cotton Rolls

    Bonded Cotton

    We spare no expense with our core heritage bonded canvas material, which is multilayered, waterproof and robust, with a natural look and feel. It is dyed and bonded in England.

  • Saddlery

    Traditional Saddlery

    Many of our leather components require hand stitching and crafting using traditional saddlery skills, producing an authentic finish unlike mass production machinery.

  • hand machining handcrafting

    Hand Machining

    Our bags are machined by hand, a skill requiring years of experience and producing a quite different effect to mass produced, computer controlled machinery.

  • brass rings collection

    Solid Brass Hardware

    We use solid brass hardware or, where a silver finish is specified, nickel plated brass, neither of which pit or rust. Most of our hardware is cast in London, England.

  • thread

    100% Cotton Webbing

    We use 100% cotton military grade webbing, which is woven in England to colours specified by us to match our bonded cotton canvas.

  • patterns


    We use traditional patterns for cutting, not computer controlled machinery. Each bag is in some way completely unique.

  • tanned leather

    English Vegetable Tanned Leather

    Our standard leather components are manufactured using traditional clicking knives and English vegetable tanned bovine hides.