We make all our bags in our Tannery Road factory in Carlisle, Cumbria. The building is part of an old industrial site dating back over three hundred years, a living record of the region’s rich industrial heritage. Recent excavations near the workshops revealed the old water mill which once powered the site’s industrial activity.

John Chapman is one of the only British brands to manufacture its bags exclusively in its own British factory, which we recently expanded and refitted in a major investment programme. We believe that manufacturing our products here in Britain is a defining aspect of our authenticity. Over the years we have found that discerning customers from all over the world agree!

Our commitment to manufacturing also offers you, our customers, long term advantages such as being able to offer a full repair and renewal service, should you require it. Customers sometimes send us their bags after many years’ hard use for renewal or repair because they have formed a personal bond with that bag. We can do this because we make the bags ourselves, instead of sourcing them from overseas.

We also receive numerous requests for bespoke bags, a service we have happily provided since the Company’s inception. This kind of personal service has always been important to us, and we feel it’s a real point of differentiation to the increasingly impersonal way in which luxury products are sourced and sold. Please call us on 01228 514514 or email enquiries@chapmanbags.com if you require a bespoke bag.

If you would like to learn more about our materials and manufacturing process, please click here.